Hello, bloggers! I am Lindsay. Graduate of Bayonne High School '13. I am a gamer and Nintendo has a big influence on my life. I love all consoles and handhelds. I am a collector of games and merchandise. I am also a completionist due to my addiction of collecting everything and exploration. If you would like my 3DS friend code, just ask and I shall share it with you.

I will not only be posting about video games here. I also post my own gifs that I make in Camtasia Studio. Concept art is very interesting to me, so I will post all the concept art, I can find of one game in one or two posts. I also come and go here, on tumblr, for months at a time, so do not look at it as an abnormality.

Currently, I am obsessing over Lost, Doctor Who, my 3DS, Etrian Odyssey, Left 4 Dead 2, Mario Kart 7 and Project X-Zone. For a little note, my favorite gaming series is all Super Mario and my favorite anime of all time is Death Note.

Ask questions, reblog and "heart" my stuff, I'd appreciate it.
Read on and look at many pictures here, guys! Thanks!
villagers in town
Welcome to Paradise

Tony Hawk games throughout the years.